The Challenge

so you’re ready to Write 100. great! you’ve come to the right place. let’s get started.

Sign up & set your goal now!

1. set your start date.

decide when you’ll start your challenge. you can go two ways: either pick your own date to fit your timeline or join a group challenge. both are great options.

why join a group challenge? when you start the group challenge everyone starts–and ends–on the same day. you’ll get to celebrate the milestones–the ups and the downs–together.

if you missed the start date, don’t worry! you can start anytime. you’ll still enjoy the community along the way.

2. download the calendar.

you’ll use this calendar to keep track of your Write 100 challenge. download, print, and put it in a prominent place. find somewhere you’ll see it every day. the more obvious the better. it will remind you to write and motivate you as you watch your progress.

3. determine your goal.

what will it be? 15 minutes a day? 30? an hour?

choose how much time you’ll target to spend writing every day. this will be your minimum. it’s the amount of time you’ll write each day to be able to mark off a day on your calendar. you can always do more! when you get on a roll, keep going!

write your target time in the corner of your tracker as a reminder.

4. share your goal.

it’s very important to tell others what you’re planning to do. tell your friends, your family, your roommates. when you share your goal to write for so much time for 100 days, you’re more likely to keep at it. they’ll help hold you accountable, as well as support your need to carve out time each day.

5. get connected.

connect with fellow writers and share the Write 100 journey! a writing community is a vital component of the writing life.

like the Write 100 Facebook page and request to join our group (just click the “Visit Group” button at the top of the page). you’ll have the opportunity to interact with fellow writers, learn from one another, and share and receive encouragement along the way.

there are other ways to get connected too. gather your friends, critique partners, or classmates to take the challenge together.

6. start writing!

you’re ready! you’ve accepted the challenge, set your goal, found ways to measure your progress, and shared your plan with others. there’s nothing holding you back now.

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if you have questions, reach out! use the Contact Us link above, the comments below, or through Facebook. we’re here to help!