A98D7598-1F56-413C-8E8E-C3658AA76597hi there! I’m Rebecca, creator of Write 100. for as long as I can remember I’ve loved to write and tell stories. as life got busier I struggled to find the time I needed to hone my craft and pursue my dream. there was always something else to do or somewhere else to be.

the idea for Write 100 came from an extra credit assignment in my college creative writing class. the challenge was to spend at least 15 minutes writing for 75 days straight. when the 75 days were over, I kept going. I made it over 100 days before I was done. all while juggling my heaviest load of college classes yet. I’d never produced so much in so little time. the more often I wrote, the more momentum I gained.

the challenge was just the combination of consistency and accountability I needed to take my writing life to the next level. that’s why I’ve launched Write 100. it’s a simple way for writers of all kinds to come together and get rid of the excuses and distractions. write more. write better. Write 100.

meet the team.

our team of contributors are writers like you. Write 100 wouldn’t be possible without them. get to know them, explore their work, and connect.