what would happen if you wrote every day for 100 days?

from beginners to seasoned veterans, Write 100 is the challenge that will help you stop waiting and start writing.

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Take the Challenge


the challenge is simple. write every day for 100 days. set your goal and achieve it. whether you write novels, essays, or poetry, the Write 100 challenge will help you finish your projects and build sustainable habits for the writing life.


what is a writer? a writer is someone who writes. that’s all it takes, but it’s also harder than it sounds. Write 100 will help you build the habits and discipline you need through goal-setting and accountability, not to mention a supportive community and plenty of resources to help you improve your craft.


any time. every day. join a group challenge or start on your own. check the Challenge page to find start dates for the group challenges and download the calendar worksheet to keep track. it’s up to you what time of the day you want to write: early morning, late at night, middle of the day, find what works for you! consistency is key. write today and you’ll be more likely to write again tomorrow.


you! seasoned veteran or first-timer, Write 100 is ideal for any writer at any stage because it fits your goals and your needs. the challenge is flexible enough to fit with any age and stage of life–from students to busy professionals to new parents, and everyone in between.


from your couch. on your lunch break. a cute coffeeshop downtown. dorm rooms. classrooms. find the place that works for you. the possibilities are endless.


visit the Challenge page. download the worksheet. set your start date. get connected. that’s all it takes. ready, set, go!


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Join the Community

accountability is a key component of realizing a goal. there’s no need to go it alone! get connected with the Write 100 community and discover a supportive team to cheer you on to bigger and better things as a writer.

whether you join our virtual community through our Facebook group or rally your critique partners, friend group, or classroom to take the journey together, you’ll find that Write 100–and the writing life as a whole–is better together.

learn from fellow writers. share you goals. visit the Challenge page to get started!

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Find Your Voice

Write 100 isn’t just about writing more–it’s about writing better. it’s about honing your craft and sharpening your instincts.

it’s an exciting journey, and Write 100 is here to help along the way. take advantage of our blog on craft and the writing life. you’ll find plenty of resources, recommendations, writing prompts, encouragement, and more for all levels. and it’s all from fellow writers, just like you.

so what are you waiting for? let’s Write 100!